I'd like to say a few words of tribute to this special man, from me and on behalf of other close friends and corps alumna. Wayne Duesterbeck was one of those talented drummers, who come around rarely. He was a key asset in the Eau Claire Boy’s Drum & Bugle Corps who was a section leader and drum instructor for the corps. He taught many corps members to become better drummers and musicians. Als.....More

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Durand Girls Corps
1959 – 1966
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You are now a “click” away from entering “the golden age of drum and bugle corps” That time in the late 50’s and throughout the 60’s when corps life meant family, friends, camaraderie, parades, competition and entertainment supplied by youths and adults throughout our great country from small towns to big cities.

This site is dedicated to the experience of the Eau Claire Wisconsin Corps at that time known as the Eau Claire Boys Drum and Bugle Corps. This site is a first in that the VFW Post who sponsored us in the early days now houses a memorial showcase to that era, to our Founder and Executive Director, Walter E. Brown, his son Mike who started our “prep” corps, to Post Commander Earl “Sag” Ward who gave us the “jump start”, and to all the members of the corps from 1953 - 1969 at VFW Post 305, 1300 Starr Ave., Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

We may have “aged out” of corps, but not from history. Your comments are welcome and will be shared in the months ahead. And, we provide you the same opportunity we took – Visit the VFW Post or American Legion Post, the Elks, the many churches who gave sponsorship in those great years and you may find that YOU are the one who keeps the memory alive in your town by doing as we did. You haven’t aged out………YOU MAY BE JUST GETTING STARTED!

Drum Major Ready? Corps Ready? You may now enter the “golden age of drum and bugle corps"