March 28, 2009 Reunion Committee Minutes


Meeting agenda for March 28th, 2009 Meeting called to order by Chairman Larry Hamler at 10:15am. Present: Terry Bartle, Jim Amundson, Larry Duerkop, and representing the Durand Girl Scout Drum and Bugle Corps: Mary (Langlois) Schlosser, Barb (Bauer) Gibson, and Carol (Blair) Shoemaker. Larry welcomed our new members. Article for DARC program – since our last meeting with Dan Tye, we have produced an article for inclusion in the DARC program for this years competition. Article for Drum Corps World – DCW announced they are forming an historical society to document the history of drum corps in the U.S. We have forwarded them info on our past and contact info through the website. Chippewa Valley Convention and Tourism Bureau – As we are members and our represented on the website, we have found out that the visitors center on Gateway Drive is closing April 17th. This is not good news as our memorial site was to be inclusive in the “history” section and our reunion/affiliation with DARC was to be featured in the “music” section for the handout catalog. Reunion Announcements – Announcements were sent and released in the Eau Claire, Durand, Menomonie and Pierce County newspapers, which has provided us important feedback. Reunion mail outs – over 150 mail outs were made to reach former members, with just a very few returned for improper address. Website activity-the website has received over 1900 hits, with commitments from former members as far away as California and Florida who will be attending the reunion. Brat stand/fundraiser – Larry Duerkop has been given the o.k. to have a brat stand at Gordy’s in downtown Chippewa . Suggested dates are April 13th and May 11th. As Mondays are senior’s discount days, foot traffic is heavy. Terry Bartle, Jim Amundson, and Carol Shoemaker have volunteered to assist Larry in running this fundraiser. Drum Corps Music CDs – Wayne Duesterbeck is cutting CD’s for sale as part of our reunion efforts. Wayne has music from both corps, which will be available. Open Discussion A review was given for the festivities planned for reunion day. The ladies also felt it would be a good idea to have a musical jam session from 2 – 4pm. Also, the Durand contingent will contact as many of their former members as possible and will be “shopping” businesses for raffle prizes at the event. Larry Duerkop will “shop” for better pricing for the t-shirts, and Larry Hamler will firm up which band will be providing musical entertainment that night. The meeting was adjourned at 12:10p.m. Minutes by secretary Larry Duerkop