Durand Girls Corps Join 50th Year Reunion


Meeting Minutes April 25th, 2009 Chairman Larry Hamler called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m. Present were: Mary Ann Schlosser, Carol Shoemaker, Mike Brown, Del Grorud, Terry Bartle, Larry Duerkop. Chairman Hamler provided handouts to cover the proposed schedule for events on the 20th and 21st of June. The Durand Girl’s Corps reunion information was handed out with corps photos, registration info, their history for the website and information from Mary and Carol regards their efforts for collecting their corps’ memorabilia, and awards for presentation. Larry H. guided us through the schedule of events: Saturday June 21st: a. registration begins at 2:00 pm b. get together in the sports field from 2 – 5 pm, includes free beer and munchies c. 6:00 pm, dinner in the main hall of the VFW. Dinner (catered) will include: BBQ beef sandwich, baked beans, potato salad, cole slaw and coffee. Other drinks are to be purchased through the “field” bar or the “main” bar to provide support to the post. d. 7:00pm, short program addressing the reunion alumni and guests with keynote speakers Doshie Grey and Nancy Polzer, and Mike Brown and Larry Hamler. An open mic event will follow the keynote speakers. e. 9:00pm, live music in the main bar featuring 40 Fingers playing 60s rock and roll and featuring former corps member Dave Ambers. f. Display table to be used for memorabilia from the Durand Corps. g. Items available for sale include: “Boys” music cd’s, “Boys” photo cd’s, “Girls” music cd’s, “Girl’s” corps photos 50/50 raffle tickets, free raffle ticket included with registration, all to gather raffle “prizes” from supporting businesses. Sunday June 20th Alumni gathering at DARC show 5:30 – 5:45 and wear t-shirts Larry D. to write announcement for the boys corps and Mary Ann to write announcement for girls corps for the recognition before the competition. We’re experiencing this as a “50” year for the boys corps and 09 is the 50th anniversary of the start-up of the girls corps. Preparation items: Reunion banner will be supplied by the beer distributor. Mary Ann will furnish an outdoor tent. Mary Ann will work with Dan Tye with promotions for DARC. Larry Hamler and Del Grorud will provide promo on tv13, 5pm, May 21st. Larry H. will follow up with Christena Obrien at leader-telegram. Larry D. will confirm date for next brat stand fundraiser at Gordy’s in Chippewa Meeting adjourned at 11:50 a.m. minutes: Larry Duerkop, Secretary