May 30, 2009 REUNION 2009 UPDATE Chairman Larry Hamler called the meeting to order at 10:06am. Present: Larry Duerkop, Wayne Duesterbeck, Jim Amundson, Mark Brown, Mary Ann Schlosser, Terry Bartle, Carol Shoemaker, Barb Gibson, Del Grorud. 1. Dave has been emailed the information for the banner. 2. The new rosters have been ordered by Larry Hamler 3. DARC has been forwarded the “introductions” 4. Gordy has the t-shirt production under control 5. Billy D. is a go for the photographer 6. Roster lists to start making “call-outs”. Larry H. handed out call-out sheets for the EC members to start calling alumni about the reunion. 7. Dinner order – The food order has to be placed two weeks in advance 8. Raffle Items: The Durand contingent was encouraged to come up with a couple more items. As a group, we will share the proceeds from the raffle, to help EC offset costs and for Durand to put toward their memorial plans 9. Trading Post ad: the ad is 4”x6” and should be out this weekend 10. Program Speakers: as previously expressed; and we will ask Mike Brown to present the refurbished herald bugle to Del during the ceremonies. 11. Beer order – Jim A. will follow thru. The group decided on Miller and Jim will follow up with Dave Lamb on the banner 12. Music/Photo cd’s – subject to additional; at present the 61 DOTC show, 60-69 variety of EC music, photo cd from 53-69, video cd of 58 – 60. Work Assignments: 10 a.m. beer garden grounds set-up Terry B., Larry D., Jim A., Larry H. 1:30pm Registration Wayne, Barb, Carol 2 p.m. Raffle sales Larry D. CD sales: Wayne 5 p.m. food pickup Del, Larry H. 5:30 p.m. Beer Garden Clean-up and Hall set-up “all hands on deck” 6 p.m. Food Line servers Wayne, Jim, Mark, Larry H., Doshie and Wilma desserts 9/10 p.m. Clean-up “all hands on deck” Durand Memorabilia collection and display table: Nancy Polzer Guarantee of a ‘good time to be had by all’!!!! of course – “all hands on deck” Chairman Hamler ended the meeting with a financial report to all. Minutes: Larry Duerkop, Secretary