We will take registrations right up to and including Reunion Day. Any one with questions should call Larry Hamler at 715-834-1247. The committee meeting on May 13th was attended by 11 members. The final preparations are in order including order of speakers, handling of memorabilia, food pickups and serving line, and presentations. Carol will return the ‘fun meter’ to Eau Galle Aerodynamics as it only registers 80 decibels. Wayne has cancelled drum line practice for Thursday night, the coach wants the team rested for Saturday, but Monday thru Wednesday practice sessions are as scheduled. Mary Ann is considering documenting the event for the possible publication of an upcoming book, with the words ‘gold’ or ‘golden’ to highlight every page. Committee Chairman Hamler suggested the half barrel of Miller be tapped at 10am during set-up, but the motion was sent to special committee. And, the committee voted to assign some ‘special duties’ to those guests coming from out of town. Hey, it’s time, we’re there, it’s about corps… you know the rest. SEE YOU THERE!!!!! Minutes: Larry Duerkop, Secretary