Sorry for the delay in updating the web site. As you will notice on the web page the reunion DVD and photo CD are now available. NOTE: The DVD has some visual problems with clarity. Also, the last ten minutes of the reunion didn’t get recorded because the camcorder ran out of tape. The photo CD includes over 130 photos with everyone being photographed. You may order one or both. If you order both, you’ll pay just one shipping charge. TO ORDER: Contact me at or 715-834-1247. Eau Claire Explorer Scouts and Eau Claire Boys hats and coats can be purchased on our web site. Click REUNION on the green menu bar and select 50th Year Reunion Memorabilia. Follow the ordering instructions to purchase your gear. Update note - Doshie and Mary Ann have completed the corps history for all of the Durand corps. The history of the corps will be added to the Durand Girls Corps link in the near future. Lastly, for those who haven’t been informed about Drums Along the Red Cedar, the competition in Menomonie will no longer be held. Dan Tye announced that the cost of running the competition and bringing in the corps’ has become too expensive. On behalf of all alumni and corps fans, we would like to thank Dan and Martha Tye for all the enjoyment they have brought to the surrounding area. For ten years they donated their time and hard work to promote area youth music organizations. Thanks again, Dan and Martha. If anyone of the reunion corps would like to submit a news/update for the web site, please feel free to forward an article.