A BLAST-FROM-THE-PAST AT FUNFEST A special addition to this year’s FunFest program for Saturday, June 12, will feature a 3:30 p.m. presentation by the historical Durand Girls Drum and Bugle Corps members, once known also as The Durand Silver Sabres, to the American Legion and to the Old Courthouse Museum. Since last year’s 50th Reunion celebration, the Silver Sabres and Durand Girls alumni have concentrated their efforts in two areas: building three display cases and making their history and music available for the general public to enjoy. On Saturday, June 12, at 3:30 at the bandshell, the women alumni will present two display cases to The American Legion, one of their key sponsors from 1959 to 1966. They will present another display case to Terry Mesch, who will accept on behalf of The Old Courthouse Museum. Prior to their presentation and just after, they will have their music, History, poster, and t-shirts, available for sale. Following that, the items will be available at The Old Courthouse Museum. Persons who remember the Corps might recognize Nancy and Chuck Polzer from Mondovi who have built the two beautiful display cases for The American Legion hall in downtown Durand. They might also remember Doshie Bauer, now Mrs. Dick Grey, who is responsible for compiling the music for the CD that accompanies the History, written by another member of the Corps, Mary Langlois Schlosser. The History of the Corps is written to memorialize especially the persons responsible for founding the Drum Corps and those who supported it: Mrs. Tom (Marge) Pattison, Mrs. Ralph (Charlotte) Blair, Mr. Ralph Blair, Mr. Lyle Supri, Mrs. Vera Slabey, Ms. Jane Van Dyke, Mrs. Madeleine Lieffering, and Mr. Fred Hinesley. Early sponsors were The American Legion, Bauer Built, Inc., W.W. Weishapple, Inc., and Security National Bank, and countless parents and individuals. The women wish to thank all those who contributed any pictures or documents regarding the history of the Corps. They were extremely appreciated.