8/26/08 Committee Meeting Minutes


Committee meeting minutes – August 26th, 2008 Committee Chairman Larry Hamler opened the meeting at 7 pm and reported as follows: The website is now 99% complete. He informed us that Wayne Duesterbeck is continuing the archives work of all related print material and press releases related to the corps from 1953 – 1969 which will be downloaded to the web upon his completion. He suggested that now is the time for a local press release relating to the website, and committee secretary Larry Duerkop will draft same for approval of the committee. Once the archive downloads are complete, a request for “links” with Drum Corps Planet and Drum Corps World will be initiated. The committee secretary will draft the release for the Chippewa Valley Tourism Guide by mid September. Larry Hamler suggested that the reunion in 09 should be held the weekend after Father’s Day and coincide with Drums on the Red Cedar. The reunion will be held on Saturday at the VFW Post and ideas for a participative event at the drum corps pageant for Sunday night is being discussed. Dave Lamb, Committee Chairman for the VFW Post, gave the go ahead for fund raising breakfast to be held September 28th, October 19th, and beginning at 1 am, January 1st (New Years Eve). As Post 305 will host the 09 VFW State Convention the weekend after the reunion, we are also discussing the possibility of a speaker to host a short seminar on the history and impact of the relationship between VFW and drum and bugle corps nationwide. Chariman Hamler advised the group the next meeting will be held after the breakfast on Sept. 28th. In attendance: Larry Hamler, Dave Lamb, Mike Brown, Del Grorud, Larry Duerkop, and Jim Amundson