History In The Making

It's difficult to find the words, but "Blast From the Past" keeps popping into my mind to express the fun we all had at the Drum and Bugle Corps Reunion last weekend. We understand that short notice and arrangement difficulties may have prevented you from attending, but it was nevertheless an event that will never be repeated, that has left us with some great memories to add to our collection.

It was a weekend with a flurry of activities: Friday night was cocktails with Fred and Brenda Hinesley at Sweetwaters in Eau Claire. Sunday morning some of us met at Nancy Polzer's for a beautiful breakfast buffet. Sunday evening before the competition we met at Mary Schlosser's for a wonderful dinner buffet hosted by Mary and her wonderful family.

The Reunion had good representation from both Corps, 27 representing our Corps including 19 Alumni and 8 husbands and friends. In addition, Bob and Pat Blair attended some of the late afternoon session and stayed for the dinner and speeches. You could tell that they were really enjoying it all. Fred and Brenda Hinesley were included in the Alumni numbers. We presented plaques to Carol Blair Shoemaker for Charlotte, Jonette Slabey for Vera and, of course, to Fred Hinesley. It was so wonderful to see the Corps members working and playing together again, just as though no years had passed from then to now: much laughter, some singing, just as we remembered our association to be.

There was a lot of funny banter between the Eau Claire Boys and the Girls. Everything from competitions, remember this! and I can't believe you were in the Corps! (It appears that some members have crossed paths over the years and didn't realize until Saturday that they had both been in the Corps.) We sang a couple of our songs for Eau Claire and they sang a song or two to us. Beyond the key speakers, a few people took the Open Mic for a little more talk and razzing, and additional awards. People mingled in the bar after the ceremonies and enjoyed more socializing and dancing. The last group left just before the bar closed and before we got thrown out.

A few new Alumni faces were present at Mary's on Sunday. From there we attended the competition and sat in our cordoned-off center section. It was awesome to see us in our T-Shirts and Eau Claire in theirs. We were introduced royally before the competition started as celebrating our 50th Reunion. We were saluted by at least one of the first two corps as they walked off the field. It rained "pitch forks and hammer handles" during the entire performance of the second corps. After that they moved everyone indoors to the fieldhouse where we watched the final three corps in concert. It was disappointing to not see exhibitions, but the indoor concerts were awesome and truly a treat if you had not seen one in several years.

We hope to do a follow-up soon with Alumni reaction to this weekend. Continue to monitor this site and our section for all updates regarding our History and Showcase progress.

If you have any questions, want more information, have information or memorabilia for us, or want to purchase the T-Shirt, Poster, or our eventual CD, please contact Doshie Bauer Grey at 293-642-4552 or rgdoshie382@gmail.com or contact Mary Langlois Schlosser at 715-235-4596 or alecozase@email.com.

Best Wishes to All,

Doshie Bauer Grey

Mary Langlois Schlosser